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Meet David, and the mission of Urgeless

This is David, and he's the reason that we created Urgeless.David is a typical 32 year old man. He enjoys sports, has a steady job, and has a fiancé who adores him. In fact, David’s life is really great, except for one thing.

David is addicted to porn.

Not just any porn, David has been struggling with porn since his early teens and lately, it’s gotten weird.

He’s tried the blocker apps – they turned his laptop and phone into paperweights. He’s tried therapy, counseling, and Sexaholics Anonymous too.

But nothing’s helped.

David recently came to the conclusion that he just “needs it”. Unfortunately, his fiancé doesn’t agree.

She left him last Tuesday, one month before their wedding.

Urgeless exists because there are too many Davids, millions, that self-report as addicted.

And many more that might be.

David shouldn’t have to fight his addiction alone, and neither should you.

Urgeless exists to give men and women the tools they need to take back their lives, find freedom, and still use the internet.